12 April 2021




Antique Furniture in Lancashire

Lancashire is synonymous with antiques, being the home of one of the most famous names in the antique furniture business, Robert Gillow. Robert Gillow crafted antique cabinets in Lancashire around the 18th century. Much of his work has survived to this day, and antiques from Robert Gillow are highly prized in the antiques world.

Robert Gillow was born in Lancashire early in the 18th century, in 1704 in Singleton. With his furniture company Gillows he made many fine examples of Lancastrian antique cabinets and other forms of furniture. Gillow left Singleton to move to Lancaster because his father was in prison there, in Lancaster Castle.

Much of Gillow’s antique cabinets were manufactured from mahogany imported from the West Indies, where Gillow discovered the fine wood when he worked on a ship as a carpenter.

Many of Gillows Lancashire-made antiques were exported back to the West Indies, from where his source material came from, showing the reach of Lancashire’s antiques.

Gillows became a family business in Lancashire when Robert Gillow was joined by his sons and together they crafted fine antique furniture, and even invented the billiard table (or so legend has it).

The highlight of Gillow’s career came when he crafted fine Lancastrian furniture for Queen Victoria, as well as for more than one president of the United States of America.

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