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lazy Susan is a turn table (rotating tray) placed on a table or countertop to aid in moving food or bottles. Lazy Susans may be made from a variety of materials but are usually glass or wood. They are usually circular and placed in the centre of a circular table to share dishes easily among the diners. Owing to the nature of Chinese cuisine, especially dim sum, they are especially common at formal Chinese restaurants both on the mainland and abroad.



An example of a “Lazy Susan” is here inside the cupboard of our Liberty Style Arts & Crafts Oak sideboard


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Holland & Sons was founded in 1803 by William Holland (1803-1843). From 1803 to 1843, they were carpenters and upholsterers, William Holland and Stephen Taprell were business partners. The company was called until 1835 “Taprell & Holland,” to 1843 “Taprell, Holland & Son” and from 1843 “Holland & Sons’. In 1851, the company employed more than 350 employees. In 1852, the renowned workshop of Thomas Dowbiggin (1788-1854) at the Mount Street in London taken over.

“Holland & Sons” received several orders for the interiors of many government buildings and clubs in the 19th Century in London, including the Athenaeum Club , the Reform Club , and the British Museum. The company received many royal orders, for example for the manufacture of furniture for Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle ,  Osbourne House and  Balmoral Castle. At the Great Exhibition of 1851 introduced Holland & Sons a bookshelf in front, for which they received a prize, and they participated in many other renowned exhibitions of the century.  They were named royal supplier. In 1877 they delivered furniture for a steam yacht of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria

They became known for its Gothic Revival furniture, but they also featured furniture from other styles here, such as Louis XV and Louis XVI , the Renaissance and the Elizabethan age.  Holland & Sons were technical innovators who used the time from the beginning of modern machinery in their workshops.


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