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Biedermeier was an influential style of furniture design from Germany during the years 1815–1848

Biedermeier Style was a simple interpretation of the French Empire Style of Napoleon I which introduced Roman Empire styles to modern early 19th century houses. Biedermeier furniture was usually made from local available timbers like ash, cherry and oak rather than expensive imported mahogany as it was heavily taxed at the trading ports nearby such as Antwerp and Hamburg. Stylistically the furniture was simple but elegant and its construction utilised the ideal of truth through material, something that later influenced the Bauhaus and Art Deco Periods.

Biedermeier lifestyle and furniture was focused at exhibitions held at the Vienna applied  Arts museum in 1896. Many visitors to the exhibition were influenced by the elegance and fantasy style so much that a revival period became popular amongst many European cabinet makers. The revival lasted until the Art Deco Period began.


Examples of Biedermeier furniture


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