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The Soldiers of Killiecrankie event will be celebrated this year with a pair of antique bagpipes.

The Jacobean bagpipes will be taken along to the show by an individual who was previously a curator of the Museum of Piping, Jeannie Campbell, which is located at the Glasgow College of Piping. Campbell will be delivering a presentation at the show on 30th July, during the marking of the Jacobite Battle of Killiecrankie.

One of the bagpipe sets was used in 1746 at the Battle of Culloden. The bagpipes were owned by a piper who had battled with the Argyll Militia, on behalf of the Hanovarians. The second set of bagpipes was made in 1749, following the last uprising by the Jacobites in 1746, belonging to Hamish Wallace, a piper from Pitlochry. The bagpipes were taken to Austria by Wallace, where he married an Austrian, later settling in Germany.

Although the modern day bagpipes have three drones, the antique bagpipes have two, which was usual for that particular era. It is very rare to find bagpipes that originate from this period, with very few wood turners living in Edinburgh available to make them. The committee chairman for the Soldiers of Killiecrankie, James Rattray, said that they were fortunate enough to have someone so knowledgeable attending the event, and to have two rare sets of bagpipes brought along.

Antiques like this are useful additions to presentations at events, helping to bring history to life. Antique furniture, like antique sofas are often used to furnish a home, to create authenticity to the d├ęcor of a room.


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