06 May 2021
June 25, 2012 - Filed under: Zebra-wood — Mandy

Zebra-wood is a very striking timber known by its bright yellow bands alternating with dull brown and black stripes, giving it a zebra-stripe appearance. The bands follow the general run of the annual rings, down the length of each log.

Zebra-wood grows in Cameroon and neighbouring states of West Africa, around or on the Equator. They are small trees rarely taller that 65 feet or bigger than 8 feet round. The leaves are compound with about 8 pairs of leaflets. The flowers resemble that of a sweet pea but are larger and orange coloured. The seeds ripen in broad flat pods.

The brilliant colouration of zebra-wood gives a challenge to designer’s of fine cabinet work and joinery, as it must be used skillfully to show and artistic effect. Popular in America and Europe for shop fittings, panels in restaurant fittings, usually used as a veneer. Carvers use it for exceptional effects

Examples of Zebra-wood

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